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Who we are

Combining user-friendly AI with grassroots expertise, Digital Green is a global development organization working to boost the cost-effectiveness of public extension systems with an AI assistant for front line extension workers.

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How We Work

Digital Green partners with governments to upgrade the efficiency of their extension systems with an AI-powered assistant it has designed and developed in communities where extension agents live and work. This innovative technology empowers agents, especially women, to deliver customized advisories in local languages, helping farmers increase their productivity, incomes and climate-resilience at just a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions.

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Our Impact

Leveraging innovative technology, including an AI assistant, Digital Green flips the paradigm of agricultural extension by enabling front line workers and farmers to drive innovation, make better decisions for their communities, and inform researchers and policymakers. Our work in a dozen countries on three continents so far has:

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  • 10x Cost-Effective

    Reduced the cost per farmer of adopting a more efficient farming practice from $35 to $3.50, making Digital Green’s methods 10 times more cost-effective than traditional approaches

  • Improving Farmer Incomes

    Increased farmer incomes by up to 24%

  • Scaling Reach with AI

    Provided more than 5.6 million farmers (60% women) with information to sustainably improve farm productivity and harvest quality

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A nonprofit organization, Digital Green subsists on the generosity of others, including government partners and donors. As small-scale farmers produce a great deal of the world’s food yet struggle to make ends meet, we encourage you to contribute to our cause, keeping in mind this simple equation:

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