Digital Green is a dynamic, innovative, and rewarding place to work. Partnering with grassroots organizations and farmers in five countries on two continents, our staff of more than 150 designs, develops, and delivers an AI-powered platform that helps small-scale farmers bolster their productivity and incomes.

Our approach, like the people who work at Digital Green, is truly unique. Teams are built and based in the countries where we work and collaborate across cultures and communities with one goal in mind: to support and empower small-scale farmers.


We also know the importance of holding ourselves accountable. We transparently report on staff composition across various functions and paths, showing year-over-year shifts, and, in accordance with our org-wide market review, we assess how staff salaries compare against benchmarks across gender subgroups.

At Digital Green, our aim is to foster a work environment that values and rewards its staff as passionately as it does the small-scale farmers we support.