Digital Green and KALRO partner to improve the data sharing ecosystem in Kenyan agriculture


We are honored to announce a new partnership with the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) to improve the agricultural data ecosystem in Kenya. KALRO will serve as a “steward” for FarmStack, a software tool for secure, controlled data sharing. Through FarmStack, KALRO will build a digital community committed to benefitting Kenyan farmers that will enable private, public, and nonprofit organizations to tailor products and services for farmers, ultimately increasing their productivity and resilience. 

FarmStack is an open-source software protocol which provides data connectors to enable secure peer to peer data transfer and the provision of data usage controls. Digital Green has active FarmStack applications with project partners in Ethiopia and India, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Transformation Agency in Ethiopia, and we also are supporting live applications with the FAO’s digital services platform as well as a number of other partners.

Figure 1. A FarmStack data sharing network is orchestrated by a “steward” which is a nodal agency with a deep network of partners and the inherent incentives to improve the lives of farmers in their jurisdiction.

In Kenya we are working with KALRO to enable their partners to securely share data across the agriculture ecosystem. We’re currently evaluating initial use cases for FarmStack that can demonstrate the value of data integration and showcase how partners can collaborate to improve their services.

Learn more at and feel free to contact us at Digital Green at farmstack at if you’d like to explore opportunities to utilize FarmStack in your work.

>> For an introduction to FarmStack, view this video

>> For a demo of the FarmStack user interface, view this video

>> To access the Digital Green GitHub page, click here

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