Digital Green Annual Staff Retreat 2015 – Rajgir, Bihar


The Digital Green family spread across India and Ethiopia came together for a three-day retreat in Rajgir, Bihar from March 24 – 26th.

It was a fabulous opportunity for everyone to connect with each other, with quite a bit of fun, introspecting, learning and brainstorming thrown in, thanks to some super facilitation by the folks at Organization Development Alternatives, India.

High notes included a cultural evening where each regional team got to showcase their impressive musical, dancing and theatrical talents, a visit to the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya and the ruins in Nalanda, and a World Caf session that had different teams sharing their big learning/innovation/idea in a creative way.

Here’s a fun picture of all of us at the retreat – do watch this space for more on our annual event!


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