Nurturing Knowledge & Growth: Supporting Extension Agents & Small-Scale Farmers with AI


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In our 15 years of experience creating impactful work, we’ve learned that boosting productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers is crucial for improving rural livelihoods. But here’s the catch – many of these farmers face a major roadblock. They often lack easy access to timely and targeted knowledge that could help them increase productivity and adapt to changing weather patterns. 

Tailored Insights for Chilli Farmers

Small-scale chilli farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India, like many others across the country, faced the dual challenges of unpredictable climate and market conditions. To give them tools to face these challenges, we developed a practical solution leveraging digital technology designed for their unique and diverse needs. Through digital platforms and AI-powered crop assessments, farmers received tailored advisories around sowing, input use, and harvesting, aimed at improving chilli productivity in their specific location. These digital insights did more than improve productivity and incomes; they empowered them with collective wisdom and built community knowledge. 

We have reached over 63,000 farmers across five chilli-growing districts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, bringing tangible change to their lives. Evaluations unveiled a remarkable increase in productivity and a substantial rise in net income per acre. Beyond the numbers, it was about securing a better future for the farming community.

AI Empowerment Bringing Change for Small-Scale Farmers

At Digital Green, we’ve been enhancing public extension systems in India, Ethiopia, and Kenya by leveraging digital technologies to provide farmers with timely, locally tailored advisory videos. However, a significant gap in the agent-to-farmer ratio poses challenges that extend beyond the average capacity of extension agents. To bridge this gap, we’ve introduced a multi-lingual AI Assistant for extension agents, aiming to nurture knowledge and growth for smallholder farmers.

The AI assistant delivers customized videos to extension agents, offering prompt solutions to farm-level problems and needs. It not only empowers extension agents by expanding their on-the-job knowledge but also builds confidence and saves time, enabling them to serve more farmers with a higher-quality service. The feedback mechanism ensures the AI assistant evolves based on farmers’ and extension agents’ needs. Agronomists can also utilize this data to create gender-sensitive and climate-smart agricultural models, providing localized recommendations for fertilizers, seed selection, and pest mitigation. 

Join us in creating more stories of transformation. Your support will help equip extension agents with AI-driven chatbots delivering real-time, localized advice through popular messaging platforms, making advanced agricultural knowledge as accessible as a message on the phone. Your generosity is more than a donation; it’s an investment in a future where every farmer has the tools to thrive, contributing to a collective vision for sustainable agriculture.

This #GivingTuesday, support this noble cause by harnessing the power of AI as we continue to make a real impact in the lives of farmers. 



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