Digital Green is proud to share that we since we began our work in 2009, we have engaged over a million people across Asia and Africa.


Heres a note from our founder and CEO, Rikin Gandhi to all staff, partners, donors, friends, and followers:


Dear Friends,


I’m thrilled to announce that we crossed engaging more than 1 MILLION PEOPLE at the end of February 2016. That is an impressive achievement by any stretch of the imagination. There is a saying that “a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” and we have already traversed more than a million of them.


It is easy to set targets in proposals and work plans but its another to actually achieve something as significant as this. This is of course just the beginning, but at least for a moment, take the time to consider what we have all accomplished!


One million people reached by our team of less than 100 people! For each person, a frontline worker had to knock on their door, encourage them to come for a video screening, a data entry operator had to register their details in COCO, and each community member had to take time out for the video screening and consider the possibility of changing their behavior.



All throughout, our team had to forge partnerships, coordinate programs, build technology, procure equipment, check quality, conduct trainings, assess impact, setup offices, develop budgets, submit reports, and more!


Everyone — in every location, unit, and role — deserves a hearty congratulation for achieving this amazing feat, and our donors and partners who have kept their faith in us and supported us in our vision and mission.


If you haven’t done so recently, check out Analytics today!






And of course, behind each number is a heart, a mind, and soul. Each of these individuals we have engaged had the chance of seeing an informational video from their own community (potentially featuring themselves!), and have the potential for a better life ahead of them.


It is hard to wrap your mind around how big of a group one million people really is. To give you a sense, here’s an illustration of one million people, in which, each dot represents one person (right click to save and then zoom in) 🙂






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