The Role of Technology & Data Science in Climate Smart Agriculture


The threat of global warming and climate change to agriculture is real and severe, affecting food systems locally and globally. Among the hundreds of millions who are vulnerable to the impact of climate change, an estimated 120 Million farmers are perhaps one of the most at-risk groups. On the other hand, agriculture is also a major contributor to the climate crisis generating close to one-fifth of the total greenhouse gas emissions.

The need of the hour is for governments, businesses, philanthropies, and civil society to take immediate action in mitigating this issue by investing in climate-smart agriculture.

Digital Green, in collaboration with Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society, and RySS, is bringing together diverse stakeholders in the sector – thought leaders, experts, donors, practitioners, and policymakers – for a seminar on “The Role of Technology & Data Science in Climate Smart Agriculture.” This will be a platform to deliberate, share, and explore opportunities for collective action in data and technology-led solutions to drive scale and deepen the impact of climate smart agriculture.

Please join us on Thursday, 5th August, from 7:00-8:30 PM (IST) on our Youtube Live:

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