Transforming Lives Through Self-Help Groups: A Farmer’s Journey to Economic Prosperity


Alimaze Zawuge lives in a small village in Ethiopia. As a wife, mother of five, and farmer, her goal was simple: improve her family’s living conditions. However, her small farm size limited her ability to grow various crops or earn enough income from farming alone.

In June 2023, Alimaze’s situation began to improve when she joined the Muruta Self-Help Group (SHG), an initiative supported by Digital Green and the local government. This group was designed to help community members like Alimaze by providing them with financial and educational support.

By August 2023, Alimaze had saved enough money through the group to secure a loan to start a small business buying and selling spices, which allowed her to earn extra money in addition to what she made from farming. Her husband, Markose, supported her by helping with the business and caring for their home while she worked.

This new source of income has been significant for Alimaze’s family. It has increased her weekly income to 120 ETB and has opened up new possibilities. Alimaze now hopes to provide her children with a better education, including the opportunity to attend tertiary school.

The success of Alimaze and her family is a testament to the impact of community-based initiatives like SHGs. By providing access to financial resources and fostering a supportive community environment, Digital Green and the local government have helped Alimaze and others in her village to improve their livelihoods.

Alimaze’s story highlights the importance of supporting rural communities through education and economic opportunities. It shows how, with the right support, individuals can overcome challenges and achieve their goals, leading to stronger, more resilient communities.

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